6 ways we resist taking responsiblity in our lives

How are you Resisting? There are different ways that people make excuses to avoid doing what makes them feel uncomfortable.

Here are 6 methods of resistance to delude your mind into thinking it is ok to avoid what makes you feel uncomfortable.


When a physical and mental effort is required.

Someone wants to get you to do something that you don’t want to do.

You have a fear of being dominated and to avoid this, you dominate them. As they say; the best offense is a defense.



Detachment from reality.

You ignore your family, community, network and needs.

You are afraid to take responsibility because this would mean owning your part, your behaviors and your initial habits that create this.



There is a total disconnection. You don’t relate to what is going in the world.

The allows you to avoid intimacy and vulnerability.



You are resisting something; you are inflexible and tight.  This is inflexibility is around a central axis whether it is a thought or a body part.

This gives you safety to stay with a small range of motion because you think outside is dangerous.



 Teenagers are the masters of misdirection. The center of the conversation is misdirected and you don’t stick to the central theme.

There is instant gratification because you only focus on what you want.



 You do the same thing, the same way all the time. You have this habitual behavior because you fear change, there is no spontaneity.

This give you familiarity always sticking to the same thing.


This list was noted during a talk with my mentor DDR on a book called the Biology of Believe by Bruce Lipton.


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