Its time to get your health in shape

With this global situation is telling us is that it is time to get our health in shape. Now, it is time to build up your first line of defense; the immune system.

The fast pace of society today has left us with little time and little energy to work out and eat healthy. Eating healthy starts with buying the right ingredients which requires thinking in advance instead of looking in the cupboard at the last minute.  Then you realise you still haven’t gone grocery shopping. Lack of exercise and poor eating habits lower your immune defenses.

The Lymphatic system supports immunity

The immune system is closely tied to the lymphatic system and the element of water in your body. The kidneys oversee the water in our body and they also support healthy bone marrow where lymphatic cells are stored. This network of vessels and nodes transports the lymph fluid which contains antibodies that filter harmful substances and fight infections.

The Element of Water

The water element carries the immune cells in the lymphatic system to their destination. They need a clear passage through the lymphatic system to get them where the healing is needed. Water is also important to clean out the system and carry good nutrients to the cells.

Start drinking more water now to allow free passage to your body’s cells to build your immune system. Dehydration may compromise your immune system. Make sure your water comes from a good source.

You can also eat foods with high water content like fruits, vegetables, soups and seaweed which is a vegetable that grows in the sea.

As I have already mentioned in my live workshop on immune and lung heath, the lungs need moisture to stay healthy. Avoid excessive coffees and teas which are diuretics and will flush out the liquids from your body. Sip on warm water throughout the day to keep hydrated. Herbal teas can be healing and best not to drink at night. I suggest limiting any tea or coffee to the morning.

Tai Chi builds Immunity

To clear the lymph system of blockages and promote a healthy immune system it is important to move your body daily. You can choose what form of exercise you prefer. I choose Tai Chi, Qigong and all the martial arts basics as my daily practice.

Don't eat junk

This is not a time to be eating greasy fried foods. It is also best to avoid cheese and dairy, refined carbs, cookies and cakes because they build up phlegm in your nasal passageway which can affect your lungs.

Focus on fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, fish, lean meats, sea vegetables and for vegetarians, soy products. This will also give you the fiber you need to feed the bacteria in your gut and a healthier microbiome which will support the immune system cells that are also in the gut.

In the workshop we talked how the lungs are supported by pungent flavors. Eat your foods with onions, garlic, ginger, radishes, turmeric and herbs like thyme and oregano. The pungent foods are said to expel the mucus in your passageways.

Since the new virus is not known to humans we are all susceptible to get sick. If you have a strong immune system you can treat the virus before it goes down deep into the lungs and they say we can beat it within a short time just like any other cold or flu we have had in the past.


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