Earthing and how it can improve your health

Direct contact with the skin and the earth energizes your body

When you put your body directly into contact with the earth without any barriers like shoes and you allow your skin to touch the soil, grass, sand or water this can even out the energies in your body.

Some people go years without being in contact with the earth

In modern society, we no longer walk outdoors without shoes. We spend most of our time indoors and with that there is a rise in chronic health problems today. Some people can go years without directly touching the earth even if they do outside.

The is even scientific backing that earthing is good for your health

Scientifically it is said that the earth has a mild negative charge. Throughout our lives our bodies build up a positive charge especially when we stay indoors and don’t have contact with the earth. Earthing or otherwise known as grounding allows us to bring our bodies back to a neutral state. According to this theory without managing this build up in positive charge we can end up with health problems. In other words, directly connecting one’s body to the earth can restore the electromagnetic balance needed to maintain optimal health. 

Our bodies are good conductors of electricity because they are built up of mostly water and minerals. The earth has free electrons on its surface and they transfer easily when there is direct contact with the body.

Synthetic shoes have disconnected us from the earth

Sadly, since we invented synthetic soles on our shoes we have insulated ourselves from the earth’s surface and disconnected our bodies from the earths electric field. We need to go back to wearing moccasins made of animal hides! Even leather soles shoes would be better. So now we must make a point of spending 15-20 minutes a day barefoot directly on the earth each day. This will bring back your vitality and your health.

Most houses in developed countries have a ground wire. The ground wire is the third prong underneath the other two. This third prong is in case there is a short circuit and gives the electrical current a path back into the ground where it can be absorbed. If you touch the device that is short circuiting without a ground wire it will shock or electrocute you because your body would be completing the ground path.

Our bodies need that third electrical prong that grounds to the earth

Today our bodies are in a state of short circuiting because of so much, emotional, physical and mental stress. Just like the third prong, connecting to the earth grounds us and re-balances our electrical system in our bodies.

The theory is that earthing allows a transfer of negatively charged electrons from the Earth’s surface into the body. These electrons neutralize positively charged free radicals in our bodies that are causing chronic inflammation. Being in touch with the earth as such, has a calming effect on your nervous system.

In Traditional Chinese medicine the Qi from our bodies comes from Heavenly Qi and Earth Qi. Heavenly Qi comes from the Sun and the Heavens while Earth Qi comes from the ground and everything that comes from the earth magnetic field.

From the book Earthing:

Earthing naturally protects the body’s delicate bioelectrical circuitry against static electrical charges and interference. Most importantly, it facilitates the reception of free electrons and the stabilizing electrical signals and energy of the Earth. Earthing remedies an electrical instability and electron deficiency you never knew you had. It refills and recharges your body with something you never knew you were missing … or needed.

When walking barefoot be sure to use your whole foot heel, ball, and toes so that you stimulate the kidney point on the bottom of your feet called the Bubbling Wells.

  • Avoid grass sprayed with pesticides as they will get absorbed through your feet.
  • Be careful in areas that may have broken glass or debris.
  • Avoid walking barefoot on asphalt.

Possible benefits to earthing and grounding.

Reduce inflammation
Reduce Chronic pain
Improve Sleep
Increase energy levels
Normal blood pressure levels
Relieve chronic headaches
Improve PM and menstrual cycles
Support adrenal health

Make a scientific experiment on yourself

Have you ever noticed that you sleep so much better when you are on a vacation near the beach? This is because you probably go for beach walks barefoot. The salt water is also very high in magnesium which mineralizes and grounds the body. It is even in the air we breathe.

Earthing mats are a good option for winter

If you can’t get outside and walk barefoot everyday another option is to purchase an earthing sheet. There are many options out there and I will let you do your own research.

Make sure your electrical systems are properly grounded

Just be careful though when there is a strong ground current it is possible that attempting to ground or earth oneself could be problematic In theory, this is most problematic in very large cities with wires that run in the ground.

When using an earth mat, if you want to plug into a wall outlet you must determine first whether your electrical system and outlets are properly grounded. Outlets with 3 holes generally mean they are grounded. When there are only two holes, that means there is no Earth/ground present and it is best to avoid this.

Being grounded you are fully present in your body and you feel connected to the earth

When you are ungrounded you may have:

Poor sleep
Chronic pain
Poor circulation
You get distracted easily
Your mind spaces out
You overthink things and ruminate when you should let go and move on.
You have anxiety
You worry too much and this creates personal drama.

Most people today are ungrounded

Don’t worry, today being ground is a worldwide epidemic and few people even realise they have a problem. Being ungrounded is a big reason why so many people suffer today.

Walking barefoot in nature or using an earthing mat can reduce inflammation, improve your immune system, reduce your emotional stress, improve blood flow and make your happier.

Also Learning to ground yourself Through Qigong exercises and walking barefoot outside will help you find your center and redistribute the energy in your body from head to toe which will calm your nervous system almost immediately.

I will teach you this in the Late Summer Workshop on the Spleen and Stomach health which correlates to the earth element

In todays society most of our stress comes from being disconnected from our bodies. It is my hope that if you root yourself in your body you will have less stress and anxiety in your daily life. 

Do a scientific experiment on yourself and try it out for 1-3 weeks and the evaluate how you are feeling and let me know in the facebook group how you feel.


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