What are you doing to care for yourself?

Do you Ignore that  little voice inside your heads that knows what you need to nourish yourself?

When it all is quiet if you stop the chatter inside your head you can hear it. Are you listening?

What is that voice telling you? A true act of self-love is to listen to that voice. It is your soul talking to you. Telling you when it is too much and you must stop, pause and recover.

Now ask yourself, what do you do to take care of yourself? There is no one more important in your life than you!

In our modern society we are more stressed out than ever before just to survive,

In some cases we work ourselves to the point of exhaustion without any real benefit to ourselves. The new term is called adrenal fatigue. Women especially, put their families well being before their own.

And don’t put the O2 mask on before putting it on the kids and that goes for the men too.

As a health coach I have been taught to be mindful of my self care practice. What replenishes me is to take short or long trips and spend time near a river, hiking in the forest or beach walking on a long beach.

This how I reconnect with nature and rebalance myself. If the conditions permit, I will practice Tai Chi but if not I am will simply take time to nourish my soul, just reconnecting to nature, and discovering new horizons.

Bio individuality means that we are all different and we all connect with our soul in different ways.

How do you nourish your soul? And do you listen when it is telling you what it wants

Sometimes it helps to work with a healh coach to help you get on tract to honoring yourself.


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Learn Taiji (Tai Chi) in a interactive and live environment. Participate in a virtual classroom with a professional teacher in real time.

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Astrology can be a rich tool that we can use for self-development and empowerment. This blueprint of the sky when you were born reflects your soul and its destiny.

Fitness Move offers a workplace wellness programme called WORKFIT. We promote movement in your workplace to lower your risk of LOM (lack of movement) syndrome and Office Syndrome.


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