4 Tips To Being Less Busy

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If you Set aside 30 minutes per day for your well being this will give you more energy to get more done during your day. This could be 2-minutes of stretching and strengthening movements every hour at work to break up the sitting and then a brisk 15-minute walk at lunch time if the weather permits.


At the beginning of the day or before bed set what are the most important activities you must accomplish for the day. Usually making a list of the 3 most important to accomplish that you know you can complete this will give you a sense of satisfaction and success that you got them done. If you put too many on your list you will always feel you aren’t getting enough done in your day so you must decide which 3 are the most important and anything else you get done is a bonus.


Set life goals! Have a direction, know where you are going in 5, 10 and even 20 years. Do this for yourself independently and if you share your life with a partner come together and decide on your mutual goals. If you don’t know your goals how will you get there? You will rush around reacting to life rather than acting on life. This will help you decide what tasks are important to complete each day as you will know if they are progressing you towards your goals.


Lastly there are two more skills that I will suggest to help you declutter your life and feel less busy is to learn the art of saying NO and the act of delegation. Now that you know your life goals you can assess a task and decide whether it is moving you in the direction you want to be going. Delegating will also free up your time, relinquish perfection and let others contribute to lesser important tasks.


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